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Thank you, reader, for deciding to donate your books to Literacy Volunteers/ Read it Again.

Your gift to us -a 501c3- is tax deductible.  Ask for a form at the front desk.

While we love all books, we have found the need to implement some guidelines regarding the books we can and cannot accept.

We happily accept:
Antiquarian, Rare and Collectible Books (ex: Special Collections)
Children’s Books
College Textbooks (published within past 10 years)
Foreign Language Books 
Hardcover Fiction and Nonfiction
Mass Market Paperbacks
Trade Paperbacks
DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
Books on CD
Video Games
*Only send complete disc sets with original case art


We cannot acccept:
Activity Books and Workbooks
Annuals and Yearbooks
Britannica and World Book Encyclopedia
Case Law and Procedural Books
Custom Course Packets
Dated Reference Material (over 5 years old)
Directories and Telephone Books
Duplicate Copies (in excess of 20 copies per title)
Journals and Periodicals (ex: Literary Criticism)
Microfilm and Microfiche

Books must be free of mildew, mold, and dirt. They should not exhibit excessive spine damage, have missing pages, or be missing their covers. Books cannot have water damage. They should part of the book’s pages removed with scissors or razor blades. For media, sets must be complete and cannot be missing the original case art.

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